Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's start with this....

You may be wondering about the title of my blog.  Well, let me get to that but first I'm gonna have to get a little serious on you.  Perhaps a little too serious for a first time blog but, you know what, I'm gonna go for it.

I suffer from depression.  Whew! There it is, for the whole world to see.

 It's not a very popular subject and, understandably, nobody really likes to talk about it.........well, nobody that has actually gone through it. I applaud the brave few who have spoken out about it. I am not a medical expert, nor do I have all the answers but I am willing to tell my story.  God help me!

A few years ago I found myself driving to the hospital to check myself into the psych ward. I was then diagnosed with major depression and anxiety.

 I guess I've been battling it my whole life though.  I don't quite remember what led up to it but I do remember, when I was a teenager, going to the doctor to be put on an anti-depressant and trying to get off of it several months later.  Along with some other self-medication and whatever I could do to forget how much I hated life, I fell apart.  Out of desparation I moved to another state to get away from everything I hated to see if that would help.  I lived there two years, and let me tell didn't help.  After many troublesome events and probably the lowest I've been, I took a trip back home to see my family. When I was home I met some new people and one person in particular who would change my life forever........for the better.  That person was Jesus.

With a little help from a family member (sent on a rescue mission from God, I'm sure) and all these strangers praying for me, my life was gonna be different.

And different it has been.  Please join me on this journey to figure out who this Jesus is who saved my life and why I still struggle with absolute hatred for life several years after I met Him.  Isn't life supposed to be filled with joy and happiness after you get saved?

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Jesus

Oh, I'm guessing you still want me to explain the title.  I couple of months ago we were blessed to receive a dishwasher, and I was finally ready for one (we have a tiny kitchen, things needed to be rearranged).  For the last 4 years I raised two toddlers in this house without a dishwasher, and I think that had a lot to do with my mental instability. Ha!  So, a few weeks later, I'm a calmer more relaxed person who can see the light at the end of the piles of dishes, I mean tunnel, no I really do mean piles of dishes.  I then thought to myself----that's all I needed?  A dishwasher?.......And Jesus. Jesus and a dishwasher!  Jesus first because without Him there is nothing and in the end the dishwasher would only help for a time.  Thanks for taking the time to read.  I pray that you will be blessed and God be glorified.

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